Detentions during public actions

Version 1.0, published: Sept. 30, 2021

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Anna Chertova

Main category: Protests
OVD-Info (2021): Detentions during public actions, v. 1.0, Discuss Data, <doi:10.48320/86AF286F-42A9-41E2-8F28-2DA0D8FF0D99>.


The data set includes information on 720 protest actions occurring in Moscow and St. Petersburg. The data set only contains protest actions where detentions of protesters by the security forces were reported. It does not contain protest actions where no such detentions were reported.
The data set is in table form (.csv).
The data set is in Russian language.
Time period covered by the data collection
The Moscow section is covered from December 2011 until December 2019, the St. Petersburg section is covered between January 2013 and December 2019.

The data set is publicly available under The website offers tools for online analysis.





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