How Russians perceive Russia's invasion of Ukraine, 2022

A large collection of semi-structured interviews

Version 1.0, published: Aug. 1, 2023

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Svetlana Erpyleva

Main category: Public Opinion
Curated by: Heiko Pleines
Public Sociology Laboratory (2023): How Russians perceive Russia's invasion of Ukraine, 2022, v. 1.0, Discuss Data, <doi:10.48320/74F76B12-9005-41A0-882D-E4D80105E121>.


The dataset consists of 301 semi-structured interviews with Russian citizens conducted from February 2022 until December 2022. The topics of the interviews are: attitudes toward Russia's invasion of Ukraine, emotions regarding Russia's invasion of Ukraine, media consumption, communication with others about Russia's invasion of Ukraine, change of the attitudes toward the war over time, visions of the future of the conflict, basic biographical information and political experiences of the informants. The search for informants was organized through the “snowball” method with the help of social networks on the Internet and the personal connections of researchers outside of academic and liberal milieus. The dataset mainly covers the European part of Russia and big rather than small Russian cities. The informants have various social and economic backgrounds, however, people with higher education are overrepresented in the dataset.




Political Culture Russia Ukraine War Russo-Ukrainian War Sanctions Media Consumption Russian Invasion 2022 War Perception

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