"No Wobble"

Anonymous Anti-War Street Art In Russia, 2022-2023

Version 1.0, published: Oct. 19, 2023

Open Access

Aleksandra Arkhipova

Main category: Protests
Alexandra Arkhipova, Yuri Lapshin (2023): "No Wobble", v. 1.0, Discuss Data, <doi:10.48320/52EC1EE6-6D35-4498-9218-483FEF019E4A>.


471 JPEG image files representing Anti-war street art in Russia from February 24, 2022 through June 12, 2023 [ZIP archive, 345 MB], an XLSX metadata table with extended comments on each file and a data collection description including a short analysis of the collection (PDF file).

In March 2022, the author of the data collection idea, Alexandra Arkhipova, asked the subscribers of her Telegram channel "(Non)entertaining anthropology" (https://t.me/anthro_fun) to send examples of anonymous anti-war street art, on the condition that they had personally seen the pictured object. This request spread widely, and people sent photos from all over Russia. The creation and processing of the collection by the data collection team continued from March 2022 to February 2023. As a result, the exhibition presents 476 exhibits from 48 cities and towns of Russia.

The data collection team was interested in the diversity of types of expression, placement, and artistic execution, so the selection of examples was guided by the principle of selecting "every creature in a pair" and repeated texts with the same codes were not included a second time. As a result, the data collection does not allow statistical conclusions about the frequency of graffiti distribution by type or city - this is not what the data collection team was aiming for. Instead, it presents an overview of the variety of anti-war expressions visible on Russian streets.




Russo-Ukrainian War Street Art Graffiti Nanoprotest

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